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The horses are back in their stables; the knights are polishing their armour; the minstrels are putting away their instruments and the jesters are hanging up their baubles!

The great tournament at Conwy is now over!

We wish to thank all you travellers who came to see, to listen and most of all to take part in this momentous spectacle and hope you all make the journey to visit us again.

Most of all we would like to thank in no particular order the hundreds of re-enactors, dancers, knights and their squires, musicians, jesters, caterers, market stall holders, suppliers, stewards, security personnel, police, council workers and everybody else who have worked so hard to make this event possible.
A huge thank you particularly to all our sponsers both large and small who have made this event a reality.
A giant thank you to the good people of Conwy for putting up with us and letting us use their beautiful town.
We've found a couple of great videos of the event, poke Erwyd in the eye with your mouse it will take you to the relevant page! >
We will be publishing some photographs of the event on this site as they become available
The Tournament is also on Facebook and has some really great photographs and videos of the event; click here!     

The email address is

For other events in the beautiful medieval town of Conwy please visit

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